About Us

The Journey

A drive to help others succeed… This was always the motivating factor for Dean Powell. With extensive management experience in some of the world’s largest and most profitable Technology companies, he decided to take a helicopter approach in order to see the big picture. How could he make it easier for people to discover the value in coaching. Thus the idea for Coaching Atlas was born, with the single goal of helping others find the right support that they need to create the change in their life that they want.

Our Mission

To provide a service that allows people to easily find the best coach for them. To educate and build awareness about the coaching practice and the positive impact it can have in a person’s life.

To provide coaches with access to a global market of prospective clients by giving them a

strong internet presence. Creating a community of practicing coaches, where

tools/techniques and values can be shared.

Why should you join the Coaching Atlas Family?

 We understand the challenges you face when trying to find the right coach for you, a coach that you can connect with and trust.

This is why Coaching Atlas has been designed to answer all of your questions about the coaching world as well as to make finding YOUR coach as seamless and engaging for you by providing for you by providing…


  • Geo Search to find a coach nearest to your location
  • Access to our database of certified and experienced Coaches nationwide
  • Coaches Profiles - each coach has a detailed profile explaining a bit about themselves, the coaching areas they specialise in and their experience to help you find the right coach for you
  • FAQ’s to help answer any of your questions
  • Access to Articles where articles are written by our expert coaches
  • Access to our Event Hub where Coaching events and Workshops are posted
  • Descriptions and explanations on the major types of coaching available

Are you ready to change your life?

Let us at Coaching Atlas help you find the right coach for you and help you to achieve your goals.

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