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My passion is people, supporting, developing, challenging and watching them succeed.As an Executive and Life Coach, I firmly believe that each of us are capable of achieving whatever we set our minds to, however we must be ready to embrace change.
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Are you afraid to win?

How many of us never take the first step because we fear failing?
We never applied for that role we wanted. Never signed up for that competition even though
we’d been training. Never started working on that business plan because how could you ever
have a successful business.

Does this sound like something you’ve done before? I know I have. I’ve missed many
opportunities because of fear, but fear of what!?

There are many positive mindset shifting quotes that could be thrown around here, but what
struck me was a question that I was asked at the end of a tennis match where I let myself
down, and my opponent asked me “are you afraid to win”?
At that moment that was a deep question, and still is to this day.
Ask yourself, “are you afraid to win”? Are you afraid of achieving what you truly want? Or is it
that you’re afraid of failing?

These are 2 very different fears and limitations and understanding the difference and
relevance of both to you is key.

Failing at something is a great lesson. It means you had the courage to try, you can dissect
what went wrong, what went right, and what you’d do differently.
Making no attempt at all because of the fear of failing is a barrier, there’s nothing learned,
opportunities may be missed and you may have just delayed your own growth in the end as
we all fail… a lot.

Use the fear of failure in a positive way, use it to fuel you to prepare better, have contingency
plans, consider other ways to achieve the same goal. But never let the fear of failure cripple
your progress and have you come to a complete halt.

But how can you be afraid to win?
Have you ever started working towards something and somewhere along the line when it
becomes challenging you decide to give it a 6/10 effort instead of going for gold?
Making excuses to yourself like at least I tried, knowing full you never really gave it your all
because you were holding back… holding back because you were afraid to win, afraid of the
success that was around the corner, afraid of achieving something really special…
Ask yourself… are you afraid of failing or are you afraid to win?

Bite sized coaching tips:
● Use fear of failure as fuel to make you prepare better
● Are you afraid of failing or afraid to win?
● Failure will teach you more than being successful
● We grow the fastest when faced with adversity
● Don’t be afraid to commit and give your all to something you believe in

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