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My passion is people, supporting, developing, challenging and watching them succeed.As an Executive and Life Coach, I firmly believe that each of us are capable of achieving whatever we set our minds to, however we must be ready to embrace change.
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Is Coaching Right for You?


We’ve all been taught something by someone at some point in our lives. It started with our  parents teaching us basic survival skills, mannerisms and culture, then moved to  teachers at school formally educating us as well as the wider society. We are no strangers to being instructed, directed and taught.


But can you ever recall being guided? Being helped along without any actual instructions so you can figure out your own path, your own way of doing things. If yes, how was that experience for you?


I discovered coaching through my experience in my roles in contact centre management and continued to grow in that direction from my experience as a manager in Google. It was my natural leadership style, but it was also what I identified with and how I liked to be approached and worked with; guided not directed.


A Coach doesn’t provide you with the answers or solutions, Coaching doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it, Coaching guides you; it helps you to work through your thoughts in order to identify your true goal, supports you in creating your plan and allows you to keep moving forward, step by step to ultimately achieve what you truly want.


But how do you know if coaching will really benefit you?

There are  3 simple questions I want you to ask yourself.

  • Do I have a goal/something I want to achieve?
  • Do I feel stuck or unsure on how to move forward?
  • Am I ready to change in order to progress?


A coach is only of benefit to you if you’ve answered at least 2 of those 3 questions with a “YES”, as a coach can only guide you when you’re ready to change. 


I want to share a  bit of my own story; I’ve personally always been the type to figure things out by myself as I believed that’s what I should be doing. However even with that attitude and approach I confided in others and drew on their support. They challenged my way of thinking and asked me difficult questions that are free from judgement and made me realize gaps in my plans and thinking, ultimately helping me to move forward. They were informally coaching me which I later discovered.


You may have someone  in your life that you can turn to for that support and that’s amazing that they can bring that value into your life. That also means you’re open to being coached! Imagine the amount of progress you’d make if you formally had a coach to guide and support you as well….


If this has resonated with you, feel free to check out my profile and send me a message for a free consultation or booking.


Bite sized Coaching Tips:

  • Ask yourself the 3 questions to gauge your readiness for being coached
  • Be open and be curious as the best value in coaching starts there
  • When you feel stuck in a rut, sharing with another can help
  • You have the ability to achieve whatever it is you set your mind to, your coach will guide you and help you to unlock your truly ability
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