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My passion is people, supporting, developing, challenging and watching them succeed.As an Executive and Life Coach, I firmly believe that each of us are capable of achieving whatever we set our minds to, however we must be ready to embrace change.
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The Imposter Syndrome struggle

Have you ever struggled to acknowledge how well you’re doing?
When was the last time you celebrated your success?

Imposter syndrome is based on the belief that you are not as competent or deserving as others perceive you to be. This comes at us in many forms and situations.

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone chose you to be the leader for a particular task or team because of your level of expertise or to put it simply…how good you are, and your first reaction was to say “no thanks, I couldn’t lead the team, I’m not good enough, I’ve no idea what I’m doing”… Does this sound familiar?
If so, then you’ve also experienced imposter syndrome.

But what’s the big deal if you struggle with Imposter syndrome if most of us at some point experience it?
From experience I personally have missed opportunities or backed away from giving my all to a task as I believed I wasn’t good enough or didn’t deserve the success. This has only led to more negative feelings and self doubt. None of which have been helpful apart from allowing me to realise that my own self limiting belief (imposter syndrome) was holding me back from what I was truly capable of.

I’ve had to reflect and ask myself some very hard questions, and the answers didn’t always make me feel comfortable but they were necessary. Questions like…

  • Why shouldn’t you be able to start that business?
  • What’s stopping you from getting that promotion?
  • Did you really try your best or did you hold back a bit because you never really believed in your own success?
  • What makes you think everyone else is more suited for the task than you are?

Imposter syndrome isn’t based around truth, it’s based around self limiting beliefs and feelings. Genuinely answering questions like these will help you to ground yourself in truth and not just a belief you may have at a particular time based on your mood or feelings.

There are a number of tools and methods to use to overcome imposter syndrome and your coach can support and guide you through this, however it’s important to remember one thing.
You have come this far and arrived at where you are through your own work, skills, dedication and wit. Don’t let negative thoughts take control and have you believe you’re an Imposter.

Bite Sized Coaching Tips

  • Imposter syndrome affects all of us at some point
  • It is not based on truth or reality, just self limiting beliefs and feelings
  • Whatever you want to achieve, give your 100% and if you fall short, consider it feedback or a lesson and improve for next time
  • Celebrate every small win along your journey

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