Life / Personal Coaching

What is Life/Personal Coaching?

Life coaching is for individuals who may feel that they are ready for a change in their life. At times they may be unclear on what that may be or what that looks like, however there’s always a goal that is driving this need for change, a life coach will help you to identify not just the goal, but the driving forces behind this goal. This type of coaching is for those who want to improve an area in their life or overall, for example, breaking a habit like smoking, improving their daily lifestyle, having a fitness goal etc.

Life/Personal coaches will guide you in discovering your passion in life, for you to focus on the positive side of life and assist you in pursuing the goals that make you happy and feel fulfilled. It is often a mindset shift in finding what you’ve been wanting all along, and the coach will be the lighthouse for you to find your way back to the shore.

    Why would you engage with a Life coach?

    Are you currently wanting to

    • Improve your Life, Finances, Wellbeing
    • Break a habit
    • Be more productive
    • Achieve a Personal/Professional goal
    • Develop self-serving life skills

    What can you expect when you work with a life coach?

    • A partnership
    • Non-judgemental support
    • Questions that force you to look inwards to truly understand who you are
    • Improving the ability to reflect and see yourself more clearly
    • Development of a collaborative step by step guide to success

    If this resonates with you then it could prove to be very beneficial to find a life coach to help you to achieve your goals.

    Are you ready to change your life?

    Let us at Coaching Atlas help you find the right coach for you and help you to achieve your goals.

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