Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is different to other various types of coaching in that it hones in on how the client is relating to themselves and the people and things in the world around them. Relationship coaching focuses on the emotional well-being of the client(s) with emphasis on the person’s social, emotional & intimate life. Relationship coaching is for individuals who want to improve in the area of relationships and also for couples, partners in business, and family/friendships who wish to do the same. Relationship coaching works to shift people to an improved level of functioning by focusing on solutions to overcome any obstacles the individual/couple may be experiencing.  

Why would you engage with a relationship coach?

Firstly, research has strongly indicated that relationship coaching is becoming the biggest growth area of coaching; happy & fulfilling relationships are one of the most important ingredients to having a happy, successful life.Relationship coaching is not only for couples/partners but individuals too. In society in order to be successful in other areas of our life we train and gain skills and knowledge through education, e.g. if we want to succeed in fitness we go to a personal trainer, if we want to have success and progression in a career- we attend university/school and get trained. However, one area we seem to fail to train ourselves is in relationships. Being successful in any area of life requires investment in education & training- relationship coaching is the best place to start your journey of gaining clarity and happiness in this fundamental area of your life.

You may benefit from working with a relationship coach if you are experiencing challenges in your relationships with colleagues, business partners, friends, family, intimate partner(s) or most importantly- yourself. Additionally, you may engage with a relationship coach as a couple or professional partnership. By attending relationship coaching with your partner, you are provided with a safe non-judgemental space to air your feelings and opinions in the hands of a trained professional. The coach is there to help both individuals move forward in their relationship by creating goals and desires and helping the couple/partnership reach them. By attending a relationship coach you are supported to deal with a wide range of issues such as relationship breakdown, dating problems, building confidence in relationships, how to be assertive in relationships, building better communication with your spouse/partner, resolving conflict in relationships & how to improve the relationship you are having with yourself.

Moreover, learning and setting healthy boundaries in relationships is a cornerstone of this coaching field. Relationship coaching will prompt you to appreciate lessons you have learned from past relationship experiences, thus helping find a clearer, more helpful path to having success in current and future relationships.


  • To assist you in building meaningful relationships in the workplace
  • To gain clarity in developing and managing business relationships
  • To learn relevant conflict management techniques

What can you expect when you work with a relationship coach?

  • A safe and non-judgemental space to share with a neutral party
  • Understanding your relationship dynamic
  • Understanding your own values and strengths and learning how to utilize these successfully within a relationship
  • Learning tools to help you continually grow and develop in your relationship

If you want to improve on your current relationships then working with a Relationship Coach would prove to be beneficial to help you to achieve those goals.

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