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Stan Mark

Dun Laoghaire, Co. dublin

Business Coaching

About me

I’m a business coach and digital marketing trainer with 20+ years’ experience in digital communications, who works closely with sole traders, the self-employed, and small business owners. I help improve your online presence and improve your sales.

Business by design
Businesses often grow organically in a direction that doesn’t work for the business owners. We’ll check your strengths, challenges, lifestyle and bigger idea, to help craft a perfect-for-you business by design.

Uncover your ideal client
Knowing exactly who is perfect for your business makes it all so much easier! Your ideal client is ready for what you offer, gains the most out of it, and is the most enthusiastic, making them a joy to work with.

Know your strengths
We’ll dive deep into your particular stories, talents, experiences and expertise to play to your strengths, better define your point of difference and know how to work in a way which works with your innate strengths, not against them.

Define your difference
Crafting your business story not only helps differentiate you from your competitors, but it will also attract your ideal client.

Profits and pricing
Clarity around profit means you make empowered decisions and can price your offerings accordingly.

Designing and refining your seductive offerings
Transform your offerings, so they speak directly to the wants and desires of your ideal clients while serving their specific needs.

Compelling communications
Writing is one of the essential skills of any business owner. We’ll carefully comb through every word on your website and critical communications to ensure that they connect with your people authentically and effectively.

Authentic marketing
Effective marketing communications and strategy that is most suitable for you and your business, not doing what everyone else is doing.

List growth
Everybody wants to know how to build their list! Regardless of where your list is at, we will work through practical strategies to build your list and keep them engaged and enthused about your offerings so that marketing becomes so much easier.

We’ll go through your current digital strategy, from your website to your email onboarding process. Also, social media channels, e-commerce, advertising to ensure that every little detail shows your business value while developing relationships and converting strangers into clients.


- Business Development
- Digital Marketing
- SMM Marketing
- Graphic Design
- Web Development
- UX/UI Design

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