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Sara Maaria

Dublin, Co. dublin

Relationship Coaching

About me

Hi! I’m Sara Maaria.

My jam is to empower women into their confidence and find their own power.

So I’ve made this my mission, or a career, to be a self-love & relationship coach for women who crave for deep and connected love.

My Lifecoaching journey started in 2015 when I hired my own first coach. I was lost, confused and lacked passion in my life. I thought to myself there’s got to be more to life than just work. My anxieties were at an all time high, even to the point of being unable to go to the grocery store. So, I started the search for what it is that I want out of life, career and from my relationships. It wasn’t till 2018 that I got my certification for Business & Life Coaching at Irish Lifecoach Institute.

Throughout the years, I started to notice how people naturally navigated toward me in regards to their relationship issues and struggles. My empathetic and non-judgmental approach created a safe space for the person to be able to open up. Also, my own love life was a huge mess that needed an overhaul so I took neuroscience basics, I’ve always been keen to understand human psychology and have worked with various relationship coaches to be able to understand the human psyche. I quickly understood that the love that you’re seeking has to start from within first.

The journey with me goes deep, and I know it can be a scary process to go through. But in order for me to be in service to you, we have got to dig deep. We dive deep to find the root of the patterns and the stories, and reframe them. It’s transformational, while the focus is on relationships there’ll be side effects of other areas in your life that will transform as well. I hold you in a container to work through your triggers, elevating your frequency, however it is your job to maintain that. And I am there to hold your hand along the way but that’s why I don’t recommend doing just once-off session with me. While a session can still be transformational, part of what you’re paying me for is the accountability and commitment to doing the uncomfortable work. I don’t make any promises as the transformation you receive is directly proportional to the work you’re willing to put into it. Investing in yourself is the ultimate in self-care and it makes life so good. Put a stop to trying to DIY your issues and hire someone who can give you the steps and the solution.


Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching
Level 6 QQI (FETAC) Award in Life and Workplace Coaching


Individual 1:1 sessions
30 minute & 60 minute individual sessions are available for anyone who struggles with one specific area within their relationship.

Bundles are also available upon request.

Relationship Recalibration
In this 90 minute session, the focus is on deep transformation of where the person is currently, why she feels stuck, and steps to take to move forward.

This includes 5-day integration period of daily support.

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