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What is Life coaching?

A life coach is a trained professional that supports an individual to focus on what’s happening right now in their life, where they want to grow to be in their life and how they can get there.

How can coaching help me?

We all need support at different times in our life, engaging with the right coach for you can help to make your personal, career, business and even relationship goals a reality for you. Your coach will help you to discover your true motivation and empower you to overcome obstacles that you may not have even known you were facing so that you can become your best self.

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John Chambers

Life & Career Coach

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Is Coaching Right For You?

Is Coaching Right For You?

Is Coaching Right for You?   We've all been taught something by someone at some point in our lives. It started with our  parents teaching us basic survival skills, mannerisms and culture, then moved to  teachers at school formally educating us as well...

The Imposter Syndrome Struggle

The Imposter Syndrome Struggle

The Imposter Syndrome struggle Have you ever struggled to acknowledge how well you're doing? When was the last time you celebrated your success? Imposter syndrome is based on the belief that you are not as competent or deserving as others perceive you to be. This...

Are you afraid to win?

Are you afraid to win?

Are you afraid to win? How many of us never take the first step because we fear failing? We never applied for that role we wanted. Never signed up for that competition even though we'd been training. Never started working on that business plan because how could you...


Coaching really gave me the opportunity to refocus and identify what it was I truly wanted and helped me to achieve my biggest goal, which was starting my own business!

Mary O'Connell

Business Owner

In my first session, I was asked: “If I had all the confidence in the world what would I do differently”. It was then I realised that I can achieve whatever I wanted to!
Jennifer Smyth


My coach asked me if I was “afraid of asking for help”, that question changed my life to this day.
James Kennedy


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